Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let's go on an adventure! *Steve Irwin voice*

I've been deathly afraid of fondant.

If it's too dry, it cracks. If it's not dry enough.. it sticks like bubble gum. It can taste terrible. It can sag. It could probably take over the world if it had a brain. It's almost as evil and scary as candy making. (That's an adventure I'm also deathly afraid of. Worse than fondant...)

I finally decided to grow a pair and try it out. I purchased some pre-made fondant so that I could get a feel for the material. When I got it out of the package it was so hard I didn't think I'd be able to roll it out. It reminded me of my Intro to Ceramics class, playing with clay. It softens as you work with it, and hardens as it dries. I kept playing with the hard lump of sugary play-doh and eventually it became soft and pliable!

Next goal? Roll & dye! I got my Wilton fondant mat and taped it to my counter, then covered it in powder sugar. Next time I'll use a mixture of powder sugar and corn starch. I discovered it after my fondant experiment, but apparently a mix of the two keeps the fondant from sticking and also keeps it from absorbing too much powder sugar, which results in dry cracked fondant (like mine.) I decided to go with a Halloween theme, because it's Fall and I LOVE HALLOWEEN. Dye the fondant, then roll, roll, roll, roll, etc. until thoroughly incorporated.

Also with this practice cake, I experimented with buttercream icing decoration. I'm super excited! Obviously,  I'm a natural. A natural that needs a little more practice! Lol.

So here's the pics! As always, if you guys and gals ever have any questions you can message me or comment below! Don't forget to share the page!