Monday, February 25, 2013

Wedding Cake, Numero Uno!

I've already messed up on my New Year's resolutions by not updating my blog regularly! Since the beginning of January I've moved, gotten two jobs, a lot of job interviews, and I'm just now starting to get everything under control. Yes, it's been more than a month since I've moved and I still have packed boxes in my apartment.

Me? A procrastinator?? Psh, never!

I would like to update all of my readers on my latest activities. Except for last Friday; there was a man in a dress, and a dollar bill... that's all you need to know! Agghhhemm, anyways, I made a cake for Valentine's day that I didn't take any pictures of. It was a big beautiful heart shaped chocolate cake. I made the icing look spiky  I loved the heart shape but I didn't like the spiked icing look so much, so instead of photographing the cake we ate it. This past weekend I made a small 6 inch cake for a cake tasting. I decorated it very simply but the flavor was outstanding, of course. What else would you expect of me?

Blueberry Lemon Zest cake by Amber Duncan (Photograph by Amber Duncan)

Beautiful, yes?! The cake is Blueberry Lemon Zest. There are whole, fresh, organic blueberries mixed in a lemon cake, with lemon buttercream icing and a blueberry filling. I let my friends taste test some cupcakes like this. One of them took a bite and gasped, saying "OH MY GOD" with a full mouth, and then proceeded to sing a gospel sounding song and bowed to me. I guess it was good (I sure as hell love it, and if it were legal, my boyfriend would marry it)!

Blueberry Lemon Zest Cake by Amber Duncan (Photograph by Amber Duncan) Flowers purchased by Awesome Boyfriend for Valentine's Day gift.

The couple absolutely loved the cake! The bride said, "[Name] and I loved the cake! You could really taste the flavor of the blueberries which was missing from my previous samples and I really liked the lemony filling, it brightened the flavor nicely"

Let me tell you something about myself...
I try to abstain from being too vain or full of myself BUT... after hearing that and finding that my cake won out over the local popular wedding cake places, I was so full of myself I probably looked like a puffer fish, spikes and all. I finally started to wear down after a few hours but I'm still kind of puffy and spiky on the inside. Now begins the real adventure: preparing for wedding delivery and set up!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Luckily I have a few months to practice all of it, but I know I'm going to rock that big awesome cake! The bride wants a simple textured cake with sugar magnolias and possibly ribbon on the cakes in the center. The texture will look like this, with the flower placement on the bottom of each of the three tiers.

Image retrieved via Google

Today I started making my practice cake. It's going to be a three tier Strawberry Blood Orange cake. I made some strawberry orange jam today that will be the filling for the cake. The cake batter is soft and moist with a little hint of orange flavor in it, and I think I'll make an orange buttercream to cover it. For colors I'm thinking either teal, red, and lime green, or teal, peach, and cream. Thoughts? Ideas? I really love the decoration of this cake. I'm thinking of trying it out for good practice.

Image retrieved via Pinterest

That's all I have for tonight. *whew*  As always, feel free to comment or message me with questions or thoughts on my posts!